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Color Flake Flooring
" Performance Flooring "

Epoxy Color Flake Seamless Flooring


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Seamless Color Flake Epoxy Flooring


    Color Flake Flooring, also known as Vinyl Chip Flooring and Epoxy Fleck Flooring has been a standard application for the epoxy industry since the start of epoxy flooring. I personally have been installing this type floor system since the late 1960’s. The Color Flake Flooring System combines multi-colored vinyl chips permanently imbedded in a tough clear epoxy. The unique color chips are random in shape, sized within a standardized range and used as a single color or more often as a custom multi-color blend. This allows the color of the floor to be the color of the flakes selected if broadcast solid (full coverage) creating a tweed like or terrazzo like appearance. The chips can also be broadcast in a partial ’Open Pattern’ (as pictured above) to allow the color of the pigmented epoxy to show through and add to the overall appearance of the floor finish. Color Flake Flooring has universal interior use in institutional, commercial, industrial and residential applications. Ultimately however, this is an Epoxy Floor System offering durability, impact resistance, chemical resistance, decorative value and ease of cleaning. Available in a smooth or non-skid finish.

    Color Flake Flooring offers a more decorative appearance than the pigmented TC-200 Floor System, making it suitable for residential shop or garage applications. This floor in your attached carport will make the carport seem like another room in your house. This floor system is also ideal for Residential Basement or Playroom Areas, Wet Bar Areas, Pool or Bath Houses, Indoor Pool Decks, Garden Rooms, Hot Tub Areas, Screened-In Porches, Gazebos, Landings, Stair Wells, Pet Rooms, etc.

    Commercial applications include Educational facilities, Hospital and Health Care facilities, Kitchens, Food Processing Plants, Food Stores, Laboratories, Pharmaceutical Plants, Penal Institutions, Bathrooms, Animal Hospitals, Kennels, Retail Areas, Office buildings, Industrial or Manufacturing Facilities, etc.

    The Epoxy Color Flake Flooring System from Precision Epoxy has several versions to suit application needs and budget. The ‘Top-of-the-Line’ version is the 5-step application that produces a bullet proof floor finish that is 135 mils thick. This floor is installed in the same manner as our TC-200 Broadcast Floor System with two additional steps added. After installation as described in the TC-200 section, the color flakes are broadcast into the final color coat as desired from full to partial coverage and allowed to dry. Then an addition clear coat of the SFC-195 epoxy is applied as a final top coat to complete the Color Flake Floor System.

    The standard color flake system is a 4-step version that incorporates the IG-100 Flexible Penetrating Primer System to absorb thermal movement in the substrate. After proper substrate preparation, the IG-100 primer is applied by brush and roller or squeegee and back-roll method at a coverage rate of 200 square feet per gallon. The IG-100 epoxy has a designed slow rate of cure in order to achieve maximum penetration into the substrate. Different degrees of saturation over the area will be determined by the porosity of the substrate, existing coatings and/or sealers that have not been removed or contaminants such as oil, grease, silicones or waxes. Once applied, an application of silica sand is broadcast into the primer coat. The sand is applied in a uniform manner until the primer has a gritty appearance or a dry sand look. The sand will increase the compressive strength of the IG-100 primer without disrupting the flexible bond. This increase compressive strength is needed to support the color coats that follow. After the primer is allowed to cure in one or two days, depending on the application ambient air temperature, all un-bonded sand is removed and clean from the floor. Detailing of any imperfections in the substrate are addressed for optimum cosmetics and the first color coat is applied by brush and roller or squeegee and back-roll method at a rate of 125 square feet per gallon. This first color coat can have a mixed appearance of glassy and textured areas depending on the degrees of coarseness in the sand application and/or the waviness in the substrate that creates high and slow spots. The next day the first color coat is sanded and prepared as described in the TC-200 application instructions and the final color coat is applied by brush and roller or squeegee and back-roll method at a rate of 160 square feet per gallon. Once applied, the color flakes are broadcast at a partial or full pattern. The partial broadcast is a bit more difficult to achieve a uniform appearance. The technique of the applicator is critical to have an even flake pattern throughout the entire floor area. The full broadcast is easy to achieve an even appearance as the flakes are broadcast solid. This technique is more expensive however as you are using many times the pounds of flakes. After allowing to cure, the second color-flake coat is prepared and the final top coat of the clear SFC-195 is applied to complete this version of the floor system. The 4-step system of the Color Flake System will yield a thickness of 48 mils and is suitable for all environments.

    The lesser version would install the same as the TC-200 2-step system. The substrate is properly prepared. The base color coat is applied at a rate of 125 square feet per gallon by brush and roller or squeegee and back-roll method and allowed to cure. The second color coat of TC-200 epoxy is applied at a rate of 160 square feet per gallon by the desired method and the color flakes are broadcast into the final color coat as desired and allowed to dry. Then an addition clear coat of the SFC-195 epoxy is applied as a final top coat at a rate of 200 square feet per gallon to complete the Color Flake Floor System. This 3-step floor system will yield a thickness of 30 mils and is suitable for controlled environments not subject to thermal shock. All versions of the Color Flake Floor System have the same cosmetic appearance with different structural values.

    Flakes are available in a multitude of colors, patterns and sizes. Coverage for the Partial Broadcast run from 25 to 200 square feet per pound. This wide variance is due to how spread out or close together you broadcast the flakes. The most common appearance is reached at 50 to 125 square feet per pound. It is recommended that the broadcasting technique be practice on a large piece of plastic laid smooth on the floor. The best broadcast technique and flake patterns can be realized and the flakes picked back up to use in the actual application and you reach that ‘Point of no Return’. Coverage for Full Broadcast is 2 to 10 square feet per pound. Coverages vary with the size chip selected, your cosmetic preference and application technique.



    All systems can be applied with the seamless cove base and in the non-skid version.



      Ease of maintenance is another asset that the Color Flake Floor has to offer. Being a true epoxy floor system, it will not support any algae, fungus or mildew growth. Since there are no seams or pores in the gloss, tile-like finish, it is very easy to clean. An occasional light mopping is all that is required for most areas. Being an epoxy, the floor can be cleaned with hot water, detergents, Clorox (diluted or full strength), alkaline solutions or even mild solvents. The non-skid version of this floor system is a bit more difficult to clean. The abrasive texture holds more dirt and debris and restricts the ability for mopping. To clean the non-skid version of the Color Flake floor, scrubbing with a nylon bristle brush and hosing off to rinse or pressure washing give the best results.

    Coverages for application run from 2 to 200 square feet per pound of flakes depending on the final floor version you are installing. Consult with Precision Epoxy with details on your project for exact coverage’s required.

See Flakes Color Brochure for more information

The Color Flakes we use in all our professional installations are also
in stock and available for the Do-it-Yourselfer

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