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Floor Sealer
FS-190 Epoxy

Technical Bulletin


Precision Epoxy Products
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Product Description: FS-190 Epoxy is a two component, water clear, 100% solids system which is low in viscosity for use as a sealer in commercial, industrial and residential applications not exposed to direct sunlight. Because of its high strength properties, clarity and durability, FS-190 is ideal for use in granular Quartz Flooring applications (see Quartz Flooring for more information), stained concrete sealer applications, industrial decoupage applications, and for a multitude of sealer applications such as tile floors. (For exterior and/or direct sunlight applications, see Technical Bulletin on Deck Sealer Epoxy DS-190)
FS-190 Epoxy is used in conjunction with the TC-200 Epoxy as part of the TC-200 Broadcast Floor System (see Shop Flooring for additional information). FS-190 combines excellent adhesion to concrete with long range durability and outstanding chemical resistance to form a high gloss, glass like, hard shell, high build sealer available in smooth or a non-skid (slip resistance) finish.

Product Directions: Area must be cleaned of all debris, foreign matter, oils, grease, silicone and wax, etc. and thoroughly dry and free of moisture. Should contaminants be present on surface being sealed, a 'Fish Eyeing' effect can occur and disrupt the products film integrity creating a need for an additional coat or coats to correct. FS-190 requires the thorough mixing of two parts 'A' (resin) with one part 'B' (hardener) by volume and stirred with a drill motor and mix blade for a timed 2 minutes in a clean work pail. Avoid whipping air into mixture while stirring. Apply with a roller and/or brush to the prepared area as needed. Due to a short pot life, no more material should be blended at a time than can be applied in 15 to 20 minutes. Always follow the recommended batch sizes as outlined by Precision Epoxy for your application to avoid the curing of product before it can be applied (referred to as a 'Blown Batch'). Should jelling, smoking or excessive heat occur with material in work pail, do not try and apply to surface being coated and discard unused material. FS-190 can be thinned up to 10% of total mix volume with Xylene solvent for product workability and to prolong pot life at higher application temperatures. In multi coat applications, addition of solvent to mixture should only be considered during the final coat.
    Use Xylene solvent for desired clean-up of tools and equipment. Roller covers and cut-in brushes should be disposed of after using. On larger projects, a new roller cover and/or brush as well as work pails will be needed every 4 to 6 batches depending on the application temperature. Roller frame, roller cover and cut-in brush should be of good quality as supplied by Precision Epoxy and a roller grid should be used in roller work pail to allow for even coating of roller cover.
    In most cases, when using a 9" wide roller set-up, a nap size of 1/2" will be used. Submerge roller into blended epoxy then roll 2 to 3 times against grid to even material. Using a 4 to 6 foot roller handle, product is rolled out in a single wide stripe 4 to 6 feet long with several back and forth motions. The roller is dipped into work pail and application is repeated. After 5 or 6 stripes are laid down, they should be back rolled or cross rolled to properly lay-out material. All areas that cannot be rolled will need to be cut-in by brush ahead of the roller application. Do not cut-in to far ahead of the roller to avoid jelling of material before rolling which will create lap marks.
    Coverage's of FS-190 to concrete will generally be 150 to 200 square feet per gallon at 10.6 to 8 mils thick respectively. Application temperature and coarseness and/or porosity of concrete as well as individual application technique may vary coverage. Overly porous concrete will require a second coat of FS-190 at 225 square feet per gallon or 7 mils thick to achieve a uniform glassy appearance.

    The project pictured was an exterior breeze-way adjoining the pool deck. In September of 2002 the breeze-way was enclosed creating an enlarged hallway connecting the kitchen to the bedrooms hallway and over looking the pool area. The plain concrete floor was stained and sealed with the FS-190 Epoxy in two coats to create the beautiful floor finish pictured. It should be noted that these pictures of the finished project were taken in June of 2009 after nearly 7 years of daily use.


    FS-190 Epoxy is a very versatile formulation and is suited for a wide variety of applications from sealers to laminating. Consult with Precision Epoxy for your individual project needs. We have formulated variations of our standard FS-190 in the past to better suit projects with regards to liquid and solid state properties and cure times. FS-190 comes standard with either a Summer Cure or Winter Cure hardener for better control at different application temperatures or for a desired rate of cure that a project may require. FS-190 requires no waxing or polishing to maintain its high gloss appearance. Cleaning requires only a light mopping for dirt and dust as needed. The non-skid version requires the addition of a selected aggregate added to the mixture and rolled out or broadcast applied into mixture on the surface after applying. Depending on how aggressively applied, the non-skid finish can hinder the ability to mop the surface and other cleaning methods may need to be used.



Floor Sealer Epoxy FS-190
Available with both Winter Cure (WC) and Summer Cure (SC) Hardeners


Liquid State Properties @ 77 F
Individually Resin Part 'A'  Hardener Part 'B'
 Color  Amber / Clear Amber 
Weight per gallon 9.45 lbs 8.12 lbs 
Viscosity 2,000 cps 150 cps
Shelf Life 2 years 2 years
Mix Ratio (by volume) 2 : 1 / A : B
Color Clear
Weight per gallon 9.0 lbs
Viscosity 400 cps
Pot Life (3 oz) 18 minutes / wc 25 minutes / sc
Cure Time (initial/final) 16 hrs/3 days / wc  24 hrs/4 days / sc
Solid State Properties @ 77 F
Hardness (shore D) 80
Adhesion to Steel 2,700 psi
Tensile strength 9,000 psi
Tensile elongation 15%
Compressive strength 12,000 psi
Flexural strength 14,000 psi
Heat resistance 250 F
Chemical Resistance
Water absorption 0.1% in 24 hrs


See Chemical Resistance Chart for complete test listings.

Return to Quartz Flooring for additional information.

Return Shop Flooring for additional information.


Precautions:    Either component and/or mixture can cause skin irritations. Use protective clothing, wear eye protection and gloves. Have adequate ventilation in work area, do not breathe vapors for prolonged periods. Should contact on skin occur, wash with soap and water. Should contact in eyes occur, flush eyes with clean water for 15 minutes or until removed. Do not take internally.

    A particular epoxy may have many proper applications throughout many industries; therefore, a clear understanding of epoxies, their applications and limitations will aid in proper product selection and use. An Epoxy's solid state properties can only be achieved by thorough mixing of Parts 'A' and 'B' at the proper mix ratio. Higher application temperatures will accelerate reaction time reducing pot life, open time and cure time while making the viscosity of the product thinner. Lower application temperatures will make reaction time sluggish extending pot life, open time and cure time while increasing the viscosity of the product.

Statement:    Every reasonable precaution is taken in the manufacture of all products and compiling of data to assure that they comply with ROCK ART'S exacting standards. Reliable tests and field experience of these products indicate there utility as described herein. The suitability of a product for an intended use shall be solely up to and the ultimate responsibility of the user/purchaser of that product. You must determine your reliability as an applicator for your specific application. We are not responsible if a product should be used by the user/purchaser in a manner to infringe any patent held by others.

    We assume no liability for damages of any kind and no guarantee of results is given using this product or data because every possible variation in the method of its use or conditions under which it is applied cannot be anticipated.

User accepts product "AS IS" and without warranties, expressed or implied.



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