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Quartz Flooring
" Performance Flooring "

Quartzite Broadcast
Speckled Seamless Flooring


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The Original Quartzite Double Broadcast Floor System

    Quartz Flooring has been around since the start of epoxy flooring. I personally have been installing this type of floor finish since the late 1960's.  The Quartzite Flooring System combines multi-colored aggregates permanently imbedded in a tough clear epoxy. This allows the color of the floor to be the color of the Quartz selected and is generally a three color mix creating a tweed like or terrazzo like appearance. Quartzite has universal interior use in institutional, commercial, industrial and residential applications. Ultimately however, Quartzite is an Epoxy Floor System offering durability, impact resistance, chemical resistance, decorative value and ease of cleaning. Available in a smooth or non-skid finish.

    Quartz Flooring offers a more decorative appearance than the pigmented TC-200 Floor System, making it suitable for residential shop or garage applications. A Quartzite Floor in your attached carport will make the carport seem like another room in your house. This floor system is also ideal for residential basement or playroom areas, wet bar areas, pool or bath houses, garden rooms, hot tub areas, screened in porches, gazebos, landings, stair wells, pet rooms, etc.

    Commercial applications include Educational facilities, Hospital and Health Care facilities, Kitchens, Food Processing plants, Laboratories, Pharmaceutical plants, Penal Institutions, Bathrooms, Animal Hospitals, Kennels, Retail areas, Office buildings, Industrial or Manufacturing facilities, etc.

See  Shop Flooring  for additional information.

The Design of the Quartz Flooring System
is a simple and most effective concept


Attractive permanent multi-colored patterns

Tough, durable and seamless

High density provides easy cleaning

Structural floor finish at 125 mils thick

Slip-resistant finish available

Integral base or curbs optional

Elastomeric primer absorbs thermal movement

Chemically resistant

Quartz Flooring is a standard of the epoxy flooring industry and has many imitations with all the chip and flake type floor systems on the market today. Basically you can sandwich any type of fine aggregate or particles between layers of epoxy and create a floor coating. There are three key components that make this a good floor: 1) The Epoxy that is used as the binder; 2)  The flake, aggregate or particles being used allow for saturation of the epoxy binder. Saturation by the aggregate means that the epoxy binder is able to bond to itself between coats creating a solid floor covering. If the aggregate blocks the epoxy binder between coats, then delamination of the floor is possible;  3) The flakes, aggregate or particles having a top coat of epoxy encasing them and not just laying on top of the epoxy when sprinkled in. Over the years, I have seen trends or fads come and go with the use of such fillers as paint chips, crushed glass, pecan shells, colored flakes and other assorted particles all trying to copy a good idea - - Quartz Flooring.

For additional information on our FS-190 Epoxy used as the binder epoxy
for our Quartz Flooring installations, go to Floor Sealer Epoxy

The Color Quartz Granules we use in all our professional installations are also
in stock and available for the Do-it-Yourselfer

See Quartz Color Chart for more information

    Ease of maintenance is another asset that the Quartzite Floor has to offer. Being a true epoxy floor system, it will not support any algae, fungus or mildew growth. Since there are no seams or pores in the gloss, tile-like finish, it is very easy to clean. An occasional light mopping is all that is required for most areas. Being an epoxy, the floor can be cleaned with hot water, detergents, Clorox (diluted or full strength), alkaline solutions or even mild solvents. The non-skid version of this floor system is a bit more difficult to clean. The abrasive texture holds more dirt and debris and restricts the ability for mopping. To clean the non-skid version of the Quartzite floor, scrubbing with a nylon bristle brush and hosing off to rinse or pressure washing give the best results.

What about Cost ?

    For the Do-It-Yourselfer, we package the Flooring System to fit the square footage of your project as needed. Larger jobs do save somewhat on volume discounts, packaging cost and freight cost over smaller jobs. The 4-step Quartz Broadcast Floor System runs between $3.50 to $4.45 per square foot for all your materials, application tools and freight. Contact Precision Epoxy with your square footage for a current price quote for do-it-yourself installations or for a professional installation where available. Professional 'Turn-Key' Installations generally run between $8.50 to $25.00 per square foot. Sub strate preparation, location of job-site, size of project, designs and/or artwork in finish, travel and/or freight cost, special equipment needed, unusual factors associated with project, etc all contribute to the pricing of professional applications. Installation of 4 or 6 Cove Base on adjoining walls as apart of the Quartzite Floor System will add further to installation cost.

See  Do-it-Yourself Quartz Flooring  for additional information on installation.

See  Quartz Flooring Shop Check List  or

Quartz Flooring Order Form  for additional information.


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