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 Epoxy Surface Plate
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Static Control

Advanced Grounding System


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Precision Epoxy 'Set-Up' Surface Plate

    The Epoxy Surface Plate has come a long way since 1985 when it first became an idea and put into application. Years of research and development and hundreds of plates installed have led to the outstanding product we offer today. The plate is used in major Race Team facilities and by Aero Space Research facilities around the country. One of our developments through the years has been the elimination of static electricity from our plates. When we first started installing plates, we did not realize that a possible static problem could develop to some degree. After several years we started working on a grounding system that can be effectively installed into the plates and after many years of research and development, we have developed the ‘Advanced Grounding System’ which is now installed in every one of our plates to eliminate static.

    Static electricity refers to the accumulation of excess electric charge in a region with poor electrical conductivity (an insulator), such that the charge accumulation persists. The effects of static electricity are familiar to most people because we can see, feel and even hear the spark as the excess charge is neutralized when brought close to a large conductor (for example, a path to a ground), or a region with an excess charge of the opposite polarity (positive or negative). With this in mind, we have designed a grounding system that is installed and hidden within the Epoxy Surface Plate to dissipate the accumulation of static charge. This grounding system, along with the use (as needed) of Staticide’s Anti-static Cleaner and Acrylic Floor Finish to control surface static, our plates are now able to maintain an electrically neutral state. The acrylic floor finish when used during normal floor cleaning will also help the plate maintain a new high gloss appearance as well as fill in and hide minor scratches.


The Advanced Grounding System is composed of ½ inch conductive copper foil tape with a conductive acrylic adhesive applied to the base coat (or coat prior to color coat in thicker multiple pour installations) and laid out in a 12 inch grid pattern for standard applications

Here you can see the installation of the copper foil tape prior to the color coat pour within the temporary form work

The side and end of the plate that will have the greatest depth of epoxy due to the slant of the concrete sub-strate are chosen and the copper tape is extended six inches up and over the temporary form work for later connections

Then, after access ramp preparation, the color coat is poured and temporary form work removed

A ½ inch x 5 to 8 foot long grounding rod is installed through the ground slab concrete sub-floor and connected by using 1/8 inch copper wire tucked up to the lip of the primary pours along the side and end with the grid tape tabs

The tape tabs from the grid system are connected to the perimeter wire along with connections to the permanent form work that retains the final clear coat


Once the access ramp is troweled into place, the plate is ready for the final top coat of clear FP-80 Epoxy and the Advanced Grounding System is completely hidden within the plate

Existing Plates installed prior to the development of the Advanced Grounding System can be retro fitted with the grounding system if the existing plate is redone as in the above shop to change an existing team logo in the plate. Or the existing plate is being redone to match the new plate being installed next to the original. After cleaning and sanding to prep, the grounding grid system is installed (below)

The existing ramp is chiseled away to allow for insertion of the ground rod and connected to the grid system using ¾ inch wide copper tape and the new color coat is applied


The new color is roller applied to the existing plate in two coats, the 3/16 inch tall permanent retaining wall is installed and ramp area is prepared. The existing ramp is retroweled, new logo installed and FP-80 clear coat epoxy is poured. The result is a totally new plate in every way and, as you can see, exactly matches the existing plate to the new plate



    The Advanced Grounding System  has slightly different versions to suit the application requirements created in our Aerospace Test Bed installations see University of Southern California Project or Georgia Tech Project  sections and for plates installed in applications where the concrete sub-strate area is recessed for the plate to be flush in floor, see Viper Project  section.

    The Advanced Grounding System completely neutralizes the Epoxy Surface Plate; therefore eliminating static electricity. Surface static can still occur on dry days or less humid environments much like carpet in your house. If you slide your sock feet along carpet and then touch a door knob, you can sometimes feel the static discharge. This same effect can be created when you slide around on the plate under a car in uniform type clothing and then touch a frame rail; you might feel a static discharge. This can be totally eliminated by the use of Staticide’s General Purpose Anti-Static Spray Cleaner item # 2003 (shown below). They advertise this product will “Kill Static on Contact” and our tests have proven this to be absolutely true. Another trick for surface static is to spray your clothing with 'Static Guard' available on the laundry isle at your local super market.

    For Plate cleaning and maintenance we recommend   Staticide’s Acrylic Static Dissipative Floor Finish item # 4000 (shown above). This product is a high performance acrylic floor finish which can control surface static for months at a time. The manufacturer states that for this product to eliminate static, the coated floor must be in contact with an electrode ground. This requirement is met with the installed Advanced Grounding System and our tests have proven the results. Follow application instructions on the label and your Epoxy Surface Plate can be maintained and remain static free.


For further information on the cleaners contact:
ACL Staticide, 1960 East Devon Ave., Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
(847) 981-9212.



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