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    This type of Epoxy Overlay has been called by many names over the years and since the very first Epoxy Rock Pool Deck that I helped install back in 1969 as a junior in high school, I have known that this application is the very best for specialized applications.
    Epoxy Riverstone Decking is a natural rounded river gravel specially processed for consistent color, size and cleaned of debris and grit. The riverstone is available from several quarry sources around the country and is offered in a variety of natural earth tone colors. The ideal stone is generally from 1/8 to 3/8 inch in size and is mixed with an epoxy binder and hand troweled over a properly prepared substrate (generally concrete) to create a decorative topping of 3/8 to 5/8 of an inch thick. Epoxy Rock can be applied as thick as needed in special applications such as wheel chair ramps, leveling uneven concrete or drainage channels, etc. The average thickness for normal applications is 1/2 inch. Epoxy Riverstone Decking is a porous overlay and relies on substrate drainage which is an ideal situation for exterior concrete that generally will not have a vapor barrier installed underneath. Being porous, Epoxy Rock allows the concrete to transmit ground moisture migration instead of lifting the overlay. On the other hand, being porous makes Riverstone Decking impractical for interior installations if it cannot be cleaned by hosing down or pressure washing.



    Epoxy Riverstone Decking is used to produce a decorative finish for concrete and is suitable for pool decks, walkways, porches, patios, foyers, balconies and landings in both residential and commercial applications. Multi color designs and art work can be made apart of a riverstone decking installation. The three keys to successful and long lasting Epoxy Rock installations are: 1) Proper substrate preparation; most of our competitors claim that their epoxy rock overlays will cure all the problems with the substrate such as cracking, settling, staining, puddling water and so on. They simply cover up the problems and hope they do not reappear. The fact is you have to deal with the problems and correct them prior to the epoxy rock installation. 2) The Epoxy Binder; the Stone Bond Series Epoxies from Precision Epoxy are the absolute best available anywhere. Our Stone Bond Epoxy has been developed over 40+ years of use and is available in 5 grades with a summer cure and winter cure hardener to satisfy a wide range of applications and curing conditions from 25 to 120 F. Each grade is a clear, two-component 100% solids system specifically formulated for the proper self priming action required at the application temperature to properly bond without totally sealing the substrate and allowing for ground moisture migration. (See Riverstone Installation for more information) 3) Regular and proper maintenance; all epoxy rock exterior applications exposed to direct sun light will need to be resealed from time to time due to UV Degradation. This will generally be every 2 to 4 years depending on the amount of direct sun and shade. Decks in total shade will never degrade but will still need to be pressure washed from time to time to clean and  flush out the stones of accumulated debris. If a competitor is claiming their exterior epoxy rock is 'Maintenance Free' be very aware, there is no such thing! (See Riverstone Maintenance for more information)



Key Benefits of Riverstone Decking


  •  Produces a decorative finish for plain concrete

  •  Repair and cover older concrete when total concrete removal and replacement is too costly

  •  Can be maintained for years of use and enjoyment



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