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Riverstone Decking
Finishing Components

C-F-Z Control Joints, Zinc Strips,
Threshold Trim Molding



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    The Zinc Strip is a 16 gauge 'L' angle zinc piece packaged in six foot lengths. Available in sizes of 3/16, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 5/8 and 3/4 inch heights with a 1/2 inch base leg of the 'L' being predrilled for mounting. The Zinc Strip is used for finishing edges such as the outer perimeters of a substrate surface to retain the Riverstone Decking and to protect from chipping and/or fraying. Zinc Strips are also used as single strip expansion joint retainers where cross flow drainage or minimal motion characteristics are present. Zinc Strips are mechanically screw mounted to the substrate and may be shimmed for drainage considerations. Zinc Strips are easily fabricated for custom situations, mounting precision and can be mounted on a radius. Proper use and mounting of the Zinc Strip within a Riverstone Decking installation will greatly enhance the structural and cosmetic values of your deck.







    The C-F-Z Control Joint is designed for maximum effectiveness in controlling substrate expansion joint and cold joint movement with regards to structural, cosmetic and waterproofing values. The C-F-Z (Constructed Flexible Zinc) Joint is used for retaining and representing the expansion joints in the substrate within the Epoxy Riverstone overlay whether they be existing or added saw cut joints. Expansion joints, most cold joints and some stress fractures within the substrate have some degree of expansion and contraction characteristics due to thermal movement. If the Riverstone Decking is installed over these areas, then cracking of the overlay will eventually occur. This situation will be eliminated with proper use and placement of the C-F-Z Control Joint as apart of the Riverstone Decking installation.
    The C-F-Z Control Joint is also used to finish the Riverstone overlay at the substrate perimeter adjoining vertical surfaces such as walls, post, steps, doorway molding, fences, pool coping, etc for absorbing thermal movement and waterproofing. This is essential for adjoining surfaces that are made of wood that can rot or metal that can rust. The Riverstone Decking, being a porous overlay, tends to allow moisture to migrate into or against these items below the surface of the overlay. When troweling up against these type surfaces, this situation creates an accelerated rotting of the wood and/or rusting of the metal which can go undetected until it is to late and the damage is done. This problem can be completely eliminated with proper use and placement of the C-F-Z Control Joint as apart of the Riverstone Decking installation.
    The C-F-Z Control Joint is fabricated on site by mechanically screw mounting zinc strips along both sides of an expansion joint at the edge of each slab section. The 1/2 to 3/4 inch wide gap created between the zinc strips is filled with one of the flexible gel epoxies or similar type flexible caulking material (see Technical Bulletin on Flexible Gel Epoxy Series). When using the C-F-Z Joint adjoining vertical surfaces, only a single zinc strip is mounted 1/2 to 3/4 inch off the surface and the flexible membrane material is applied to fill the gap and tooled to a smooth, waterproof control joint. Should substrate settling or roughness hinder or prohibit even mounting of the zinc strips, then a layer of Santex (see Technical Bulletin on Santex System for more information) can be applied first to allow for uniform zinc mounting. The C-F-Z Control Joint is far superior to using wood or PVC type expansion joint material because it waterproofs the substrate expansion joint or cold joint, it will not dry out or rot out, is maintenance free and maintains it's functional and cosmetic value.




    Threshold Trim Molding is a 1/2 inch tall, quarter round, aluminum floor molding with a 2 inch mounting base designed for finishing the Epoxy Riverstone overlay at adjoining doorway thresholds or other type adjoining surfaces. The Threshold Trim Molding creates an easy transition between two even surfaces when one side has the Riverstone overlay and the other side does not. The Threshold Trim Molding also protects the edge of the Riverstone overlay from chipping or fraying while giving the overlay a functional and cosmetic finish. Trim Molding is available in polished Chrome or Gold and comes in 6 or 8 foot lengths. Trim Molding is mechanically screw mounted to the substrate. Trim Molding cannot be mounted on a radius like the zinc strips.





    Screw Mounting for the Zinc Strip and Trim Molding is accomplished with the use of a 3/16 inch masonry bit and a hammer drill to create the mounting holes in the concrete substrate. A 3/16 inch (size 6 - 8) plastic anchor is inserted into the mounting holes and the piece is secured using special zinc and/or stainless screws designed for this application. The mounting screw lengths are determined by the application environment. Spacing of mounting screws for standard application situations are as follows:

Zinc Strips every 6 to 8 inches where possible foot traffic is present or every 8 to 12 inches where no foot traffic is expected.
C-F-Z Control Joints every 12 to 16 inches allowing for additional support from being encased by structural materials on either side of the zinc strip.
Trim Molding every 2 to 4 inches to allow for the abuse of anticipated foot traffic.
Special situations will require closer mounting screw placement.
    Mounted Zinc strips have to be firm enough to not allow any flex when troweling the Riverstone overlay up to them.
    Mounting to wooden substrates can be accomplished by screw mounting directly into the wood using the same suggested spacing. It is very important however, to make sure the mounting screws are waterproofed prior to the installation of the Riverstone Decking overlay to keep moisture from penetrating the wooden substrate.


    Zinc Strips, C-F-Z Control Joints and Threshold Trim Molding all can be retro fitted into older decks that did not received them as part of the original installation. See Riverstone Decking Repairs for more information.

    Zinc Strips and C-F-Z Controls Joints have additional applications and mounting techniques for use in our other Floor Systems as needed. These are discussed in those individual application technical bulletins.



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