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Precision Epoxy Products

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Epoxy Specialty Products

Hobby and Craft, Decoupage, Lamination, Art Casting, Electronics Potting, Injection Grouting, Vertical Exposed Aggregate Systems, Tank Sealers, Concrete Repair and Patching, Substrate Preparation, Waterproofing, Molding, Sealers, Cold Environment Application Systems . . . .

Precision Epoxy Products
a division of : Rock Art, Ltd.
4279 Midway Drive
Douglasville, Georgia 30134

Phone : (770) 489-0340
e-mail : mramy@netzero.net 

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Key Benefits of Specialty Products from Precision Epoxy

  • Offering Products Unavailable Anywhere Else
  • Experienced Technical Support with every Product
  • Can Work with You from Idea Development to Implementation


    Our Specialty Products cover a very broad range of applications. This page will be an on going project in order to cover the many various projects I have been involved with over the past 40 years as well as documenting current and future projects.

    One example would be a project with Cain Design in Carrollton, Georgia. They design and build museum quality model railroad layouts and railroad relayed displays. They were designing a harbor area in a 12' x 30' 'O' scale model railroad layout when they contacted Precision Epoxy. After some work and testing, we furnished them with a slow curing system that produced little to no exotherming heat that could be safely used within Styrofoam form work. We also pigmented the system to produce a greenish sea water appearance. Each layer of the multiple pour project was tinted lighter from bottom to top to give the effect of a much deeper harbor. Thirty gallons of epoxy and several awards later here are the results.


    The Decoupage Epoxy is used to laminate table and bar tops, cypress clocks, plaques and other assorted art work projects. It has an easy 1:1 mix ratio with an extended pot life and open time making it ideal for tedious or complicated pours.


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Precision Epoxy Products
4279 Midway Drive
Douglasville, Georgia 30134
Mike Ramy
(770) 489-0340

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