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Steel Surface Plate
Mounting Platform

" When Accuracy Matters "

Precision Epoxy Products
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The perfect set-up starts on a perfect Surface Plate

Precision Epoxy has developed the Steel Plate Mounting Platform for your floor. The epoxy mounting platform can be of any size or shape desired and after installation, provides a perfect floor surface on which your steel plate lies and supports 100% of the steel plate surface area.



     You will not find a top NASCAR team in any division performing chassis set-up work without being on either an epoxy or a steel surface floor plate. That is because the engineers in NASCAR are well aware that the many tools used in chassis set-up from scales to caster-camber gauges to alignment tools and every other tool, gauge, laser or gadget in between cannot be used properly unless you are working on a perfect surface. Think about it, four scales under four corners of the car or truck will not give you accurate information unless the four scales are in perfect relation to each other or sitting on a perfect surface. This holds true with all your other set-up tools. In order to achieve results you can trust to be accurate time and time again; you must be doing your chassis set-up work on a perfect surface.





How accurate are our Epoxy Surface Plates ?

    The Epoxy Surface Plate is the most accurate Set-Up Floor Plate available for use in the Motorsports Industry. Precision Epoxy has pioneered the epoxy floor plate revolution creating a surface so perfect it is now being used extensively in Aerospace Research Facilities around the country as a test bed to float air bearing equipped robotic space craft. Here at the Autonomous Rendezvous and Docking Test Bed Facility located at Georgia Tech’s School of Aerospace Engineering in Atlanta, Georgia, the epoxy floor plate from Precision Epoxy is a vital component in the laboratory. The main obstacle hindering progress in this area has been the difficulty of testing any new rendezvous and docking ideas in a realistic environment. Simulating weightlessness on earth is not an easy proposition. Panagiotis Tsiotras, a professor in the School of Aerospace Engineering, recently received an award from the U.S. Air Force Office for Scientific Research (AFOSR) via the Defense University Research Instrumentation Program (DURIP) to construct such a test facility at the Georgia Institute of Technology. The new test ARD facility includes a five-degree-of-freedom spacecraft platform free-floating on a 13 x 14 foot flat epoxy floor plate. The specifications for the floor were very tight: It should be flat within 0.0005 inches and horizontal within a few milliradians. Precision Epoxy exceeded these specifications allowing for zero drift as the spacecraft platform floats on a very thin film of air (about 70 to 80 microns), and is equipped with a large collection of sensors and actuators: rate gyros, gas thrusters, reaction wheels, control moment gyros, a magnetometer, a Sun sensor and charge-coupled device (CCD) cameras. The ability to choose from this diverse collection of sensors and actuators will allow great flexibility in performing realistic experiments under a variety of conditions as encountered by a specific application. This new type of facility is becoming common among United States Academic Institutions and corporate Aero Space Research Facilities, and it will enable unprecedented, realistic testing of new rendezvous and docking control algorithms and hardware. See the Epoxy Test Bed page for more information.


    The Steel Surface Plate has been the standard of the Motorsports Industry for set-up work since that first jig table had its legs removed and was laid on the floor so that a car could be rolled on and off and the first steel floor plate was born. Since that time fabricators have been trying to improve on this idea to try and make the use of a steel plate more reliable. We developed the Epoxy Surface Plate because there was a need for a set-up plate with even greater accuracy and reliability as the technological aspects of racing evolved. If you are still using or are still convinced that a steel surface plate is the way to go or your budget forces you to share the duties of fabrication work and set-up work on the same steel floor plate, we have good news for you. Precision Epoxy has developed the Steel Plate Mounting Platform for your floor. The epoxy mounting platform can be of any size or shape desired and after installation, provides a perfect floor surface on which your steel plate lies. The steel plate can now be much thinner, less costly and provide greater accuracy and reliability because it is supported underneath by 100% of its surface area. This means you eliminate the need for adjustable jack bolts to level a steel plate that sits on uneven concrete floors. It also eliminates the drawbacks and constant manpower to keep a normal steel floor plate level from flexing or sagging under its own weight.

    The Steel Plate Mounting Platform is constructed by forming out the desired area and making multiple pours of our Floor Plate Epoxy to level the concrete substrate as needed. Each pour is made at a thickness of ¼ inch and a rate of 6.4 square feet per gallon. The number of pours needed is determined by how far off the concrete substrate is and how much epoxy material it requires to level. The finished epoxy mounting base yields a surface that is level to 0.003 inch or better and will have a compressive strength of 17,500 psi. Once the epoxy mounting platform is completed your steel plate is positioned on top and your ramp skirts are installed. Your new Steel Floor Plate will have accuracy and reliability like never before and will maintain its accuracy without constant adjustments. The cost for a professional installation starts at $35.00 per square foot per ¼ inch pour. Substrate preparation, location of job-site, size of project, additional pours to level substrates more than ¼ inch off, travel and/or freight cost, special equipment needed, unusual factors associated with project, etc all contribute to the pricing of professional applications.

    The Steel Plate Mounting Platform can obviously be installed as a part of a new steel plate installation project. The Steel Plate Mounting Platform can also be installed as an upgrade to an existing steel surface plate already in use. This simply requires moving the existing steel plate aside, installing the epoxy mounting base and replacing the steel plate to its original location. The steel plate can also be anchored in place as needed by drilling through epoxy mounting base into concrete substrate, installing anchor bolts and/or hardware and securing. This will eliminate thinner steel plates from curling or straighten older plates that may have been twisted or bent out of plane.

No one is more committed or has taken surface plates
to such an art form as Precision Epoxy



Steel Plate Mounting Platform Installation




1)  We start by laying out the desired location for the plate to be installed. This shop is a new operation and was installing two plates.




2)  Then the concrete is prepared as needed for proper bonding of the epoxy base pour.






3)  The concrete substrate receives a primer coat of our PP-100 penetrating primer epoxy to seal and remove any porosity in the concrete.






4)  Our aluminum 'L' angle retaining wall is installed by screw mounting to the concrete.





5)  We then tape the inside perimeter of the 'L' angle up the side and ½ inch onto the concrete to waterproof the retaining wall and to prevent contact with the epoxy for easy removal.




6)  Our Floor Plate Epoxy is poured into prepared area at a rate of 6.4 square feet per gallon and a thickness of ¼ inch. The actual thickness at any one point within the pour will vary with relation to the level plane of the epoxy plate and that of the uneven concrete. Additional pours are made if needed to reach the desired accuracy of the epoxy base.




7)  Once the epoxy base is at the desired level plane, the 'L' angle retaining wall is removed. The base plate is sanded to remove the meniscus lip on the outer perimeter and is allowed to fully cure for one week to reach its full hardness of a 17,500 psi compressive strength and a hardness of Shore D 90. The Steel Plate Mounting Platform is now ready for your steel plate to be placed. Attach your ramp skirts and start using your Steel Surface Plate with a confidence in accuracy you never had before.










8)  The Steel Plate Mounting Platform is now ready for your steel plate to be placed. Having a perfectly level mounting platform offers many advantages over placement onto a regular concrete floor. The steel plate can be much thinner with greater accuracy. The steel plate can be made up of several smaller sections rather than one large single piece. The steel will not warp, sag or flex out of level.







9) This project is using four ¼ inch thick steel plates. They were laser cut to size to create a flawless seam. The corners of the plates are drilled and prepared to counter sink anchor bolts mounted through the epoxy base plate into the concrete substrate.


The Epoxy Steel Plate Mounting Platform from Precision Epoxy Products can not only be used for a steel floor plate but also for a granite plate as well. It can also be incorporated as a part of a table top, jig table or for a linear rail mounting surface installation. These applications are further explained in the Table Top Surface Plate Applications section.

Attach your ramp skirts or install the troweled Santex access ramps as used on the Epoxy Surface Plates and start using your Steel Surface Plate with a confidence in accuracy that you never had before.

Feel free to contact Precision Epoxy should you have any questions or considerations. I am available at your convenience for consultation and to make recommendations in the planning and success of your project. We can provide the perfectly flat and level surface you need.


For additional installation information see Judge Mellichampe Project



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